Our New Zealand-Owned enterprise eases the challenges of modern farming with strong partnerships and proven long-term success of genetic improvement. 

At Bellevue, we believe in the power of Genetic Improvement. We harness our unique and propriety Breeding technology and ecosystem to deliver the best animals to the best breeders. We specialise in harnessing these skills and ecosystem to increase profits and drive strong, strategic partnerships.

How can Bellevue help you earn?

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Bellevue can breed animals for you creating super-cows for you to breed from driving on farm profitability and value of herd.

Bellevue can partner with you in an equity and or operational sense to drive profitability and relieve the hands-on.

Bellevue can purchase your 'empties'. We purchase empty and cull cows all year long for a wide range of uses. Give your cows another life whilst getting paid well for them.

You can buy animals from us all year round.


Bellevue is a unique ecosystem of farms with a focus on innovation and creative problem solving. We know that the only proven way to increase profitability in farming long-term is through genetic improvement. Our partnership and breeding ensures exponential improvement in profit, value of animals and environmental impact.