Partner with us

Improving dairy and beef farming profitability is our specialty.

Partner with us to retain control and ownership of your land for future generations. We become stewards of your asset, ensuring its long-term intergenerational success. We are New Zealand owners operating our own business - which is not some big faceless corporate, but merely structured enough to ensure operational excellence. We operate a unique model with higher revenue (due to additional income) and owner costs than traditional models due to our unique ecosystem.

New industry rules and regulations are transforming New Zealand farming, introducing a range of costly and time-consuming changes for farmers, as well as making existing challenges harder.

Using genetic improvement, farming partnerships and advisory we work with you to increase the profitability of your herd and/or farm in the long term.

Our innovative approach to dairy farming can help you navigate challenges such as:

  • Legacy planning
  • Increasing Health and Safety (OSH) rules & standards
  • Healthier waterways
  • Variation 6 water allocation changes
  • Increasing N and P rules
  • Increasing animal welfare rules
  • Dairy payout volatility
  • Riparian planting
  • Employment legislation changes
  • Overall compliance

Contact us to find out how we can work together
For example:

  • Our Unique 80/20 Partnership Model
  • Hands off more profitable than normal system share-milking
  • Finding a long-term great steward of your land to lease too
  • Buying out another partner